Thursday, September 23, 2010

Avoiding flu shots

This time of year you can not run to the grocery store or Target without seeing an advertisement for a flu shot.  Vaccines are a very personal issue so I am in no way trying to persuade someone who WANTS a flu shot to not get one.  I just want to offer a bit of support for those who choose NOT to get vaccinated.

My children and I have never had a flu shot (Paul has because they were mandatory in the Air Force).  I choose not to get the vaccine because we have healthy immune systems.  I also am a bit paranoid about all of the immunizations given to young children so I don't want to add anything else to the mix.  The first time I declined a flu shot for my children the doctor called me a bad mom and told me it would be my fault if my son died from flu complications.  Nice. It is worth pointing out that Ben was only 4 months old at the time and the flu vaccine is not FDA approved for babies under 6 months.  Needless to say we switched pediatricians. 

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition weighed in on the flu shot vs. no flu shot issue in the March 2010 issue.  They reported a study out of Japan that suggests that adequate levels of vitamin D are 800% more effective at preventing influenza than flu shots.  More studies are needed but appears to be promising information.

It makes me happy to know that taking vitamin D supplements can be so beneficial.  Our immune systems are growing stronger by the day. We are avoiding the flu while still avoiding formaldehyde and thimerosal (flu shot inactive ingredients).


Sissa87 said...

I also am not a fan of getting the flu shots. I did one year and had a really bad reaction to the shot. My arm really swelled and then I ended up getting sicker than a dog. I decided that that was not worth it and the fact that they cannot always get the right prediction on what flu virus will be going around that year is more reason in my mind to not get it. I have had no issues every year that I have not gotten it, so I'm with you on the more Vitamin D!

Topaz said...

Not a fan either, the girls and I have never had one, and I don't intend on letting them get one. Thanks for posting this, some people are very misinformed.

Tamarisk said...

last year they offered them at my job. My work pressured me and I refused. It should be noted that everyone who got the shot caught the flu that year, I did not.