Tuesday, September 7, 2010

School lunch menu

The September breakfast/lunch menu was passed out at kindergarten orientation.  I was not impressed.  At all.

Here is the first day:
Breakfast - Chilled orange juice
                  Sausage breakfast pizza
                    Cereal with oatmeal to go

Lunch -               Choose one
                  Popcorn chicken with bread stick
                   Teriyaki beef dippers with bread stick
                   Chili cheese wrap with cheese sauce and tostitos
                   Yogurt with bread stick
                   Pepperoni and cheese salad with bread sticks
                          Choose two
                    Mashed potatoes with gravy
                    Steamed broccoli
                    Chilled mixed fruit
                    Fresh nectarine

This is a pretty typical lunch.  Some form of fried chicken and pizza are offered every single day!

Let's be positive first.  There are some good things about the menu.  There is a salad choice every day (although it often includes fried chicken) and fruits and vegetables are offered daily.

Now the negative. The breakfasts are not ideal.  Cereal WITH oatmeal?  Really? Sausage could be okay if it wasn't on pizza.  I find it absolutely awful that a child could eat nothing but fried chicken and pizza for lunch Monday through Friday.

Probably needless to say, Hannah will be packing lunch 99% of the time.  What are the school lunches like where you live?

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Tamarisk said...

I have your same concerns with school lunches, I know, I'm an early planner. we will be packing lunch when our child gets to school because lunches seem to be this bad everywhere. I have been looking through a lot of sites for healthy lunch options for kids lunch boxes, FYI, the chilled fruit option is a heavy fructose fruit cup rather than a true fruit option, thaank goodness for the nectarine:(