Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hunt and gather 2010 style

This is the first summer that we have taken full advantage of our local farmer's market and I love it!  We get a bit of exercise walking around, we find amazing produce, and our kids are starting to realize that fruits and veggies don't magically appear on the grocery store shelves.

Over the past few weeks we have gotten into a routine.  First, we walk to the back of the lot to our favorite farmer.  I'm not sure what the name of the farm is but the produce is always amazing and has the best prices.  The man (the farmer??) selling the veggies is so helpful and knowledgeable.  He has probably 10 different types of tomatoes and he can tell us the differences between the breeds!  Our next  stop is at the peach stand to load up on peaches and nectarines.  The kids eat one right away (tip - bring baby wipes)!  Finally, we stop by the Cibola Farms vendor.  He sells free-range buffalo and pork.  It is not certified organic but the farm follows humane, organic, and sustainable practices.  The ground buffalo is a tad expensive at $6.75/lb but it is worth it.  We usually buy a few pounds a month.  Our kids are the main reason we pay so much for ground buffalo.  We could (and do) buy organic grass fed ground beef for around $5/lb but Hannah and Ben LOVE buffalo.  Ben has actually cried because we were out of buffalo.  

We always find amazing deals.  This past weekend we bought peaches (grown using organic methods but not certified) for $1.68/lb, bell peppers for 3/$1, heirloom tomatoes for $1/lb, and assorted other veggies and fruits. I love the farmer's market because I can buy a better quality product for a better price than at the grocery store.  We are supporting local farms and they are providing great produce at a great price, it is a win-win situation!

Surprisingly, the farmer's market is not completely paleo-friendly.  Most of the vendors sell corn.  There is even a trailer that sells kettle corn.  Corn coated in sugar is definitely a no-no!  There are also a few vendors that sell freshly baked bread and brownies.  I wonder how the bakers are able to get into the farmer's market - there is a big difference between a farm and a bakery!

We are so lucky to have a great farmer's market nearby!


Cait said...

My guess on the bakers is that they are local, perhaps rural, and most likely use local/organic ingredients. Plus, this being NoVA, people want a one-stop shop - and fresh homemade bread can round out a meal. Not that we've ever bought any there - the woman who runs the stand has been surly at best every time we've ever been there, and the bread is ridiculously expensive.

Jennifer said...

The bread is ridiculously expensive! We bought it once last summer (before we cut out all grains) and I think we paid $6 for one loaf.