Saturday, July 24, 2010

Question of the week

How do your kids help in the kitchen?

Please post a comment telling how your children help you get dinner (or food in general) on the table.  All ideas welcome!


Jen said...

i'm not that brave with letting them help in the kitchen (yet) - although i will give all 3 plastic knives and let them cut up fruit for a salad or softer foods that i can use in dinner prep. also, the older 2 have assignements to set and clear the table (not the heavy stuff, but the stuff they can handle). i've found that it gives them a sense of owership and can really help me keep the arguing down when i'm trying to cook!

Karla said...

Justine isn't old enough yet (but she does have a tupperware drawer in the kitchen). BUT, as I was shucking dixie peas and corn tonight, I decided I can't wait for her to take over that job!

Fairion said...

Froggy has been cooking with me since she was able to walk well. We got a Learning Tower which made it easy for her to see and reach. She dumps in ingredients, cracks eggs, stirs and has even just now started cutting some things.