Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekly meal plan

Eating whole foods can definitely take more preparation time than conventional "foods".  However, the best tip I have for that is to plan ahead.  I start the week with a meal plan.  I hate the 5 'o' clock feeling of not knowing what to cook for dinner.  My meal plan only includes dinner and one or two lunches.  Breakfast is usually eggs or leftovers.  I tend to eat the same thing for lunch for days on end because it is easy.  Here is my meal plan for this week:

Monday - turkey and spinach burgers (without buns) with provolone cheese

Tuesday - grilled chicken with tomatillo salsa

Wednesday - oven roasted cherry tomatoes with basil white fish

Thursday - butter chicken

Friday - sautéed shrimp

Saturday - leftovers

Lunch will be fajita chicken and/or chicken salad

I do not typically plan the side dishes. Our side dishes are always fruits and veggies.  I just buy whatever looks the best at the farmers market.

Meal planning is helpful because I know what needs to be done when.  I can plan to make the tomatillo salsa either Monday night or Tuesday morning.  If I have a few extra minutes one day I can slice the peppers and onions for the fajita chicken.  I also avoid having nothing defrosted.

Having a plan of attack is the only way I can make high quality, nutritious, and tasty meals for my family every night.  What helps you get a healthy dinner on the table?

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Karla said...

You're right that planning is the key! We also like to cook for more than one night at a time. We either make enough to have for two nights or freeze leftover cooked meat to have at a later time.