Thursday, August 26, 2010

Change of plans

With the first day of school quickly approaching I am reconsidering the way I plan to feed Hannah.  She has become somewhat resistant to bread and pasta free lunches.  Now at home, this isn't a big deal.  I generally have the attitude that what she can eat what is served or choose to wait until her next meal.  However, that approach doesn't sit well with me for school.  I can't stand the thought of Hannah being hungry at school.  As a former kindergarten teacher I want Hannah to be able to concentrate.  She won't be able to do that if her tummy is grumbling.

I don't like the idea of Hannah filling up on lots of bread and pasta through out the day and missing out on important nutrients either.  So I came up with a new plan.  Breakfast and dinner will be 100% primal, lunch and one snack can include one serving of grains.

I am going to be trying a bunch of new breakfast recipes with the kids during this last week of summer vacation to try and find a few that they like.  They are excited about the possibility of daily smoothies.  A smoothie combined with eggs or almond flour muffins should give her the energy she will need to get her through the morning.

This change of menu doesn't compromise my attempts at better nutrition for the kids.  Hannah and Ben have been eating one serving of grains for breakfast daily for a few weeks (down from two servings).  Now the grains will just make their appearance at a different time.  Ideally, they wouldn't eat grains at all but I think kids need to be eased into a new way of eating.

What are your favorite breakfasts?  Do you cook long leisurely breakfasts on the weekends?  Do you have a favorite "special occasion" breakfast?

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Bill said...

You should really try to eliminate all grains if possible. In retrospect, I reckon that grains and sugar were the factors that made me suffer from glue ear, deafness and dental problems as a child.
I don't think there is an "acceptable" level of consumption.
Having said that, I admire your proactive intentions for your kids to be as paleo as possible.

Great blog.