Monday, August 2, 2010

Play kitchen makeover

The other night as I was picking up the kid's play kitchen I noticed something.  There were tons of chips, cookies, and cupcakes on the floor!  We do not usually have these foods in our real kitchen so why should they be in the play kitchen?  I decided to conduct an experiment.

I sorted all of the food into categories:

Junk food

Healthy food

Did you notice that there is more junk food than healthy food in that little kitchen?

I decided to hide all of the junk and see if the kids noticed.  If the kids noticed that some of the toys were missing I planned to give them back.  If they didn't notice then I will put them in the Goodwill bag.  To make the removal of roughly 60% of the food less noticeable I took some time neatly arranging the food and dishes in the kitchen.
It has been a little over one week and the kids haven't noticed that the junk food is missing.  I can safely put it in the Goodwill bag.