Saturday, August 7, 2010

Question of the week

What is your favorite summer produce?


Cait said...

I love peaches. The peach selection at the Dale City farmers market has been good, but I find that it's not economical for me to buy a lot as they're almost all "eat TODAY" ripe and get too soft within a day or two.

My favorite favorite farmer's market produce is apples. It's a great thing to walk along in the crisp morning air with the kids munching on crunchy samples in the stroller :)

Jennifer said...

We love peaches here too! I usually buy a lot of peaches each weekend (probably 12 peaches and 6 nectarines).We tend to eat a lot of them towards the beginning of the week and by Sunday morning are all out again. If I buy them when they are not at all soft they usually last a few days in the fridge. Do you have any peach recipes?

I tend to think of apples as a fall fruit so we don't eat many of them this time of year. Maybe we'll get a few this weekend. The kids love them with almond butter.

Karla said...

watermelon and peaches...but there are so many great choices in the summer!