Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Paleo Women Snacks & Granola

Recently I had the opportunity to sample Paleo Women Snacks & Granola.  These granola-like snacks are all natural, wheat and gluten-free, and contain no preservatives.  They have four flavors:  apple crisp, cappucino, banana nut, and cacao nut.  They are a healthier version of granola because they do not contain any oatmeal - the main ingredient in most granolas.

We loved these snacks immediately.  They are the perfect blend of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and spices.  The apple crisp granola tastes exactly like you would expect apple granola to taste - yummy and slightly sweet.  This was Benjamin's favorite.  He kept running to the kitchen to try and sneak a handful.

The banana nut granola tastes just like banana bread!  I haven't figured out how to make primal banana bread yet so this was a welcome treat.  This is definitely my favorite.

The cappucino granola would be perfect for a die-hard coffee fan.  I tend to like my coffee sweet so this granola wasn't for me or the kiddies. 

The cacao nut granola was different than what I expected.  When I think cacao I think chocolate (sweet creamy chocolate).  This is REAL cacao!  After the shock of the initial bite I started to really enjoy this one too!  This was Paul's favorite.
(Hannah does not have a favorite because she was in a mood and refused to try the snacks)

These treats cost about $3.50 per 5 ounce bag so it won't be an everyday lunchbox item but I will definitely be ordering some.  If you are from Northern VA you know that traffic can pop up out of nowhere and you might be stuck in your car for a few extra HOURS.  This is no fun, especially with young kids.  I like to keep a few snacks in the glove box just in case we spend more time than expected in the car.  If we had to stop at a McDonald's we would easily spend that much money on junk.  This way we don't have to waste our money on stuff that pretends to be food.

Head over to to request your own sample pack and then to place your order.  The granolas are available in a few brick and mortar stores too.  Visit the website to see a complete list of retailers.

If you try them be sure to let me know which flavor is your favorite!

*I did receive these granola snacks for free, but you can too.  Just send them a request.

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