Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Not every morsel of food I eat follows the primal eating plan.  I don't consider it a cheat though.  Cheating implies that you are being judged or graded.  You aren't.  The only one you have to answer to is yourself.

I follow the 80/20 principle.  Basically if 80% of my food is meat, veggies, fruits, and good fats than I have room for some "fun" foods.  My 20% is usually chocolate, eating out, or sugar in my coffee.

By following the 80/20 principle I keep myself sane.  If I thought that I could never enjoy a glass of wine or chocolate covered strawberries again I would fall off the wagon very quickly.   This way I know I can eat foods I truly enjoy as long as I use a bit of self-control.

I consider 80% to be the minimum for good health.  We strive for a much higher percentage of healthy foods.  We aim for about 90% by keeping our diets very clean during the week and splurging on Sunday night dinner.  By planning for 90% we have a bit of wiggle room to still be above 80% if we slip up one day.  After you become accustomed to this way of eating you don't want to indulge too much - you just don't feel well.

What are some of your favorite "splurge" foods?

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We're just a small family of said...

French fries, hamburgers, cake and cookies! I, unfortunately, have been following more of a 70/30 or even a 50/50 way of life which just doesn't cut it when trying to loose that last 5lbs after baby, so I was just telling Stephen today, I've got to get back on the wagon again. You are definitely right, though, once you have been eating right for a while, you are much more aware of your 'splurges' and it takes less of the special food to feel like you have had an adequate treat. I'll let you know when I hit that point ;)