Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kindergarten countdown

Exactly one month from now Hannah will be boarding the school bus for the very first time.  She has picked out her princess back pack, a few packs of crayons, and countless outfits.  She is ready.  Me - not so much.  Hannah had a great experience in preschool and I expect that to continue through elementary school.  I am just not ready to relinquish control.  For the past 5 years I have managed every minute of her day.  Now she is some one else's responsibility from 8:30-3:30 Monday - Friday.  While I wrap my mind around that I am trying to plan the last detail that I have control over during the school day - lunch.

I decided awhile ago that Hannah would be packing her lunch the majority of the time.  The school lunch menu caters to the children's wants, not so much their nutritional needs.  Items such as pizza, chicken nuggets, tacos, and grilled cheese are menu staples.  These items can be prepared nutritionally but I highly doubt that this is the case.  As a former teacher, I take education very seriously.  I want Hannah to be able to concentrate at school.  She can't do that if her brain is foggy from food coloring or she is tired from too many carbs.

I decided to buy Hannah the Laptop lunchbox this year.  It is a bit pricy but worth it if she will eat her lunch.  The Laptop lunch  box is designed to be environmentally-friendly (no waste) and child-friendly (food beautifully displayed in child size portions).  I can not wait to start using it.

I want to make a list of lunch box-friendly main course items so I can start filling the freezer.  The children rarely eat sandwiches anymore so that is out.  So far I have:
     1)  mini-meatballs
     2)  hardboiled eggs and bacon
     3)  homemade chicken nuggets
     4)  turkey and cheese roll ups
     5)  crustless quiche bites

Any suggestions?  What were your favorite lunches as a child?


Karla said...

I would have loved this choices! I always had sandwiches:-( Hannah is going to do fantastic (and so will you)!

Jen said...

i often had sandwiches for lunch - like Karla - and would have loved to have these options. there were days that my dad packed me hot dogs or soup in my thermos ... those were the lunches i adored (and will remember forever). so i kind of think that the lunches Hannah is going to bring will make her the envy of the lunch room!!