Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kindergarten countdown continues

Only one more week until school begins and Hannah is officially a kindergartner! This time next week my baby girl will be putting her laptop lunchbox in her new princess backpack and heading up to the bus stop.  Crazy.  I can not believe how quickly the last five years have flown by. We have put a lot of thought and preparation into school meals and feel like we have a pretty solid grasp on that aspect of "back to school".  I suppose we won't know for sure until the lunch  box comes home empty.

I am a planner by nature so I have been thinking about what else we can do at home to give Hannah the best school foundation possible.  Rather than one massive post I will break the huge "back to school" subject into bite-size daily topics.

The rest of this week you will find
* how to naturally boost immunity to ward off all those icky kid germs
* how much sleep the average young children needs
* why we eliminated tv from our Monday - Friday lives (and if we have been driven crazy yet)

I am very very close to perfecting the chocolate chip cookie recipe so I'll post that this week as well.  These will be perfect for an after school treat on the first day of school.

What back to school topics have been rattling around inside your heads lately?

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